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Escape to a place where magic comes alive, with this entertainment channel. Explore new, fun, fantastical, fantasy worlds in stories, with your host Karen Thomas in this fictional podcast.

No one knew what had happened to the king seven years ago. But when the ruling council of priests decreed that whosoever slew the beast of Ashen Forest shall become the new king, Ser Reinier, Knight of the Black Vein River, knew he was meant to be the next ruler.

However, the new king pays a steep price when he ignores the calling: much is required from those to whom much power is given.

A special thank you goes out to the patrons of this channel, Vinton, Kensyn Thomas, Carolyn Borkholder, Melanie, and Wendy Kogel.


A young dressmaker and her brother struggle to make ends meet on their farm. When a letter arrives from the palace, the siblings know things are about to change. Things become even more magical when Emily finds an injured fairy in the woods.

Aaila and her son-turned-divine-leader, narrowly escape the advancing Naaghal horde. They may have one chance of getting back to their side of the lake, but instead, Aaila chooses to meet her fate and be the distraction needed for the boy-deity to escape.

A precocious young fairy enters a traditional competition to find The Golden Daisy. For thousands of years, no one has ever found the fabled flower. But when Zalie accidentally happens to find the Queen of all flowers, her reward is different from what she’d expected but far greater than what she’d imagined.

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